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Dress Code

Dress Code

We promote a safe and effective learning environment that is distraction-free.  The clothing worn to school has an effect on a child’s attitude toward school and its purpose.  The faculty and staff at Yerba Buena expect that parents will send their children to school properly dressed for the normal daily school activities.  The following items are not permitted to be worn at school:

  • Tight fitting or restrictive clothing

  • Oversized clothing, for example, where pants worn without a belt would fall down

  • Open-toed shoes, cleat sport shoes, heels or shoes with rollers

  • Clothing that is distracting/disruptive in any way

  • Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs or illegal behaviors

  • Sleeveless tops must have at least a one inch wide strap (no spaghetti straps please)

You may be contacted to provide a change of clothes if needed.  Thank you for your support.