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Optional 4th/5th Upper Drop Off Guidelines

Great news! This coming fall, we’re opening the gate on Lindero Canyon as an optional drop off area for our upper grade students! Please be sure to read the important guidelines below. We will be closely monitoring this new procedure so that we can make any necessary adjustments for improvement.

Guidelines for Optional Drop Off of 4th/5th Grade Students at the Lindero Canyon (Upper) Gate

Optional use of the Lindero Canyon Gate for older students will alleviate traffic and shorten the
car line at the front of the school during morning drop off. Yay!

The gate on Lindero Canyon is for 4th & 5th graders only. Younger students may not use the
upper gate unless accompanied by a 4th or 5th grade sibling.

Morning drop off only for 4th & 5th grade begins at 7:30 am for optional breakfast. If arriving
after 7:45 am, proceed to the blacktop. Drop off ends at 8:00 am.The gate at the top as well as
the gate at the back of the MPR will be locked promptly at 8:00 am. If arriving after 8:00 am,
students must use the drop off loop at the front of the school and proceed to the front office for a
late pass.

Enter the area carefully and pull all the way forward. Have the backpack ready to go. Do not get
out of your car. Students must walk to the gate, proceed down the ramp, and enter along the
backside of the MPR to the lunch tables or black top depending on arrival time. Minimal
assistance will be available so all students must be able to exit the vehicle independently. Use
the outside lane only to exit the area.

What NOT to do...

  • Do not drop off a student from the outside lane. It’s not safe!
  • Do not use the Lindero Canyon gate for pick up at this time. Dismissal procedures are outlined in our paperwork.