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About Yerba Buena

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 Yerba Buena, also known as YB BEAT (Bridging Education Arts and Technology), was recently named a National Blue Ribbon School and a California Gold Ribbon School. We are a neighborhood school surrounded by beautiful hills and natural open space. From the moment you drive into the parking lot, you begin to get a positive feeling that radiates from within the heart of our small elementary school and as you walk onto campus each morning, you are greeted with the soothing sounds of classical music.

 Our entire staff is dedicated to providing rich, educational experiences that challenge all students to develop meaningful academic and social skills and provide opportunities to develop an awareness of their innate artistic and creative abilities through our arts and technology focus. Students engage in 21st century learning skills through unique opportunities in video game design, coding, creating movies using green screen technology, integration of all four domains of the arts, weekly dance classes, depth and complexity and STEAM instant challenges and projects. We develop strong leaders through our performing arts program with musicals, plays, singing and dance shows for our community to come together and enjoy.

 The goal at Yerba Buena is for all students to become motivated and responsible learners, resourceful problem solvers, and respectful partners and collaborators with peers, while being challenged to achieve in the core basics of reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, computing and reasoning. Our staff helps students become leaders in their own learning.  They are intrinsically motivated to succeed and share their love of learning with others and with their environment. We support a “green” campus by recycling, sorting waste, gardening, and by taking pride in keeping our campus clean and beautiful.

 We are very proud of our positive family atmosphere where parents and staff work side by side to foster the nurturing learning environment and where students feel safe coming to school each day. We build well-rounded, critical thinkers who, with care and compassionate, will be positive contributing members in our community.

Parent Testimonials

"YB is the hidden gem of LVUSD. With Arts and Technology as a focus, YB offers an unmatched learning experience in the newest elementary school building in the district." ~M.A., YB Parent

"Our family moved to the neighborhood because we were so impressed by the atmosphere, campus, and attitudes at Yerba Buena Elementary school, and we were not disappointed. My older son was engaged in learning and making friends from the first day of Kindergarten and he thrived with the differentiated education philosophy that is practiced by the teachers and staff. He is now in the gifted program in middle school. My younger son has enjoyed the many different specialty programs offered on campus both during class and in the school's enrichment program. He has wonderful role models in the staff who care for the students on campus, and he is growing into an empathetic, kind, and well-rounded boy because of the influences at YB. I am grateful to the YB community for being the nurturing, safe, and inspiring place it is." ~K.P., YB Parent

"We're here for the sense of community, the parent involvement, and the pride in our teachers and students." ~J.Z., YB Parent

"The incomparable, amazing staff at YB has managed to cater to every academic, social, and developmental need that each of my very different kids has had over the years.  My entire family has been impacted tremendously by the nurturing, loving environment at YB created by the students, the parents, the entire faculty, and the second-to-none principal. There is no better place to be." ~J.Q., YB Parent

"Yerba Buena cultivates a place where each child can learn in their unique way.  From a hands on principal to teachers who strive to give the best to our kids.  Yerba Buena is the simply the best!"
~B.L., YB Parent "

We moved to agoura hills for the excellent schools and are beyond thrilled with the academic and social environment that Yerba Buena continues to provide for our family" 
~S.T., YB Parent "

My kids actually tell me they miss school on the weekends. That's the only proof I need that YB is the place for my kids to be. There is no better school!"
~N.P., YB Parent "

When we moved to Agoura Hills, we chose to live where Yerba Buena Elementary would be our home school because we had heard so many positive things about YB.  From the excellent educational provided to the clean, safe campus. YB Principal, Dr. Erin Roderick, is amazing with the children and it’s obvious that she cares tremendously about all the students, the school and parents.  The teachers are excellent educators, positive, and always willing to communicate. The office staff are friendly and helpful.  Last but not least, The YB PFA works tirelessly to raise the funds  for programs like Wild Card Dance, arts and technology, etc.  Funds the district does not provide.  They also put in a lot of time and effort to offer the students exciting events like trunk or treat, dances, movie night, etc.  We love Yerba Buena Elementary School, and look forward to all the years our children will attend."
~A.M and L.M YB Parents

"We came from a private school and have found more art, technology, and performances here at YB. We love it!" ~Anonymous "

You can get a great education at any school within LVUSD. But only at YB do you get art and technology integrated into the common core curriculum. It's perfect!"

Yerba Buena Mission Statement

The Yerba Buena Elementary School community believes that children deserve a safe, stimulating and enriched learning environment in which every child thrives. Our focus is academic rigor and excellence. This is accomplished through arts and technology integration, strong teacher collaboration, high expectations of achievement in core content areas and community and parent involvement. The YB staff is dedicated to providing all students the opportunity to become motivated and responsible learners, resourceful problem solvers and respectful partners and collaborators with their peers. They will be challenged to achieve in the core basics of reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, computing and reasoning.

Our plan will ensure arts and technology are integral parts of every student’s academic experience. This will foster inspiration, creativity and provide a firm foundation of technology.